Patan Durbar Square has been acclaimed as one of the finest streetscapes in the world. Patan Durbar Square (historical place with ancient palace) is just 12 minutes walk from Hotel Clarion. There are many famous temples and idols of various deities. In patan Durbar Square, there is awe-inspiring 'Patan Museum' which exhibits Nepalese cultural history and collection of exquisite artefacts. It is the museum one must visit.


The Golden Temple (Hiranya Varna Mahavihar) is about 7 minutes drive from Clarion. It is a vibrant temple with wonderful atmosphere & energy. Here one can observe one of the finest metal craftsmanship. Besides, the renowned Patan Industrial Estate, Lagankhel is at close proximity where watching the local artisans work on wood carving and metal object is a "Visual Feast" in itself.


The National Zoological garden is very near to the hotel for a pleasurable and refreshing walk. All these, combined with modern comfort make the HOTEL CLARION, an idyllic retreat, a beautiful experience with legendary Nepalese hospitality like no where else. The Hotel Clarion is just 25 minutes drive from the airport. If you give us your flight details we would be happy to pick you up from the airport.

The "airport pick-up" shuttle service is available

Check in time 1:00 P.M
Check out time 12:00 Noon